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REMOVAL BEES - Nazarov Family Farm

(323) 528 8223

we can help on the same day

Got bees?
(wasp, yellow jacket).
Text me a picture of found bees and the name of your city. 
I will figure it out how much its gonna be.

About our FAMILY

Обо мне

For prompt communication, write to us in the chat, we work 24/7.


Free Estimates - We inspect your bee problem, provide a written estimate, and remove your bees the same day.


Removal of Beehives and Honeycomb - We remove bees, hives, and honeycomb from property and structures, both residential and commercial.  Bee Specialist removes wasps, too! We do repairs and bee-proofing exclusion to prevent future bee problems.


Warranty - We warranty our work.

Contact Us - Have a question or a comment? Feel free to send us a CHAT

how bee removal from house

our job

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